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 Thank you

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PostSubject: Re: Thank you   Thank you EmptyMon Mar 23, 2009 2:44 pm

Thank you all for the willingness to step up and help fine tune this endeavor into something remarkable.

Diversity is important, as we bring to the table unique set of expectations and experiences that will play a critical role in making sure that our collective creation is acceptable and enjoyed by thousands of other gamers.

As you cross this threshold from a consumer to a provider, there is a subtle shift of perspective that takes place. While subtle, it is profound and to be successful you must acknowledge the difference.

The internal shift in perspective changes from "me" in terms of what "I" like, to what the majority of what our target market likes. We have to pay heed to our own preferences and understand them for what they are: personal preferences.

Use logic, examples, and the willingness to help others understand your viewpoints to be successful.

We can talk about them, discuss them, and in the end, we collectively may or may not act upon them in a way that would be your personal preference. Be ok with that decision, do not take it personally and move forward. Each of you have tremendous value here. Your ideas are not you. All of us have put forward interesting concepts, ideas, directions and in the end, we all have had some successes and we each have had some ideas not accepted.

One great truth in product marketing that I learned years ago goes something like "While my opinion is interesting, it is irrelevant to my consumer, as they are only interested in their own opinion and what suits them."

I am very happy that all of you are here and I look forward to working with you on this project to it's completion and perhaps even beyond. This will be a great learning experience for most of you and I treat this project and it's members as if this were a professionally run endeavor.

Thank you all for being here..


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Thank you
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