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 SVN Usage guidelines

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PostSubject: SVN Usage guidelines   Fri Jun 10, 2011 9:54 pm

Hi guys,

Just to make sure everyone is following the same guidelines, be certain to check up on the SVN for tasks assigned to you. If tasks have been assigned to you, look them over and add subtasks to them so the whole team can track the progress of the code.

Task 23 - Implementing Lasers - "Must add lasers to random armed refugee patrols"

-> Create subtask 24 - "Create laser model"
-> Create subtask 25 - "Add laser item"
-> Create subtask 26 - "Add laser to troops"
-> Create subtask 27 - "Test implementation"

when done, you can "commit" your code with a message containing "Created an awesome laser model - closes #24 add 0.5h" so as to automatically close task #24 and say it took you 30 minutes to do it when you upload your files.)
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Thought Warden
Thought Warden

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PostSubject: Re: SVN Usage guidelines   Mon Jun 20, 2011 9:25 am

Before commiting anything make sure you get a clean compile on your system!!!

I'm also wondering where nohseru_war_helmet and nohseru_helmet came from b/c they aren't in the items file, but are items for the Jatu troops? I can't get a clean compile with these items.
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SVN Usage guidelines
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