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 TUTORIALS (Coding, Graphics, Texturing, Scenes, Animations)

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Insidious Diety
Insidious Diety

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PostSubject: TUTORIALS (Coding, Graphics, Texturing, Scenes, Animations)   Fri May 20, 2011 7:26 pm

This thread is a collection of useful threads and tutorials pertaining to development in general. If you have any additional suggestions, please post them and I will add them to the list! Most important in BOLD, others are all useful but more specialised. All credit to the respective authors.,171.0.html
All of these came from the Forge on Taleworlds, there are many more tutorials there, this is but a selection of the best and potential most useful.

The single most important one, this covers all the basics. If you want to do anything remotely related to code, then read this one.,72860.0.html
Videos about scripting in the Python Module System.,57919.0.html
A compilation of testing tools to be used in game. Should make testing new changes easier.,53259.0.html
A guide for making quests.,142422.0.html
Module system syntax and usage,53192.0.html
Tutorial for new spawn points and parties.,130815.0.html
Creating new companions

The bible of creating new models.
This one is for adding new items to the game. Covers how to apply models to the item, stats and all the other juicy bits.,48092.0.html
Another tutorial for creating new models.,24463.0.html
Videos on modeling, texturing and rigging.,14245.0.html
Guide on turning photos into textures.,136799.0.html
Making armour take on the colour of the background from the faction banner.,51851.0.html
Tool for making scene editing easier (edit through the quick battle interface, allows rapid movement between scenes).,125282.0.html
Animation tutorial.,11531.0.html
Unwrapping tutorial (to make a 3d image 2d for storage in the textures folder I believe),129204.0.html
Guide to shaders,66989.0.html
Guide to texturing in a projection camera (Wings3d),15272.0.html
Rigging tutorial, applying a model to an animated object (armour being worn, bow being shot etc),88430.0.html
Animation tutorial with free software,139214.0.html
Scene making tutorial,58725.0.html
Gimp tutorial for making banners,121012.0.html
Guide to making heraldic armour,109781.0.html
Texturing tutorial

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TUTORIALS (Coding, Graphics, Texturing, Scenes, Animations)
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